A bloody wood chipper

What over-the-top cars we can expect to see in GTA 6

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I’m not one for sensationalizing articles, but given the nature of the development of GTA 6 and the demand to ‘push the envelope,’ it’s becoming seemingly more likely that we’ll have some sort of over-the-top cars in the next installment of Grand Theft Auto. We dug into this idea in the special car abilities article, but let’s look at in relation to GTA 6.

Cars based on location and time.

Simply put, you can’t have a set of vehicles without accurately reflecting the automotive industry of that respective time period. The styles of cars and their looks will largely be based on when and where the game takes place.

Although we have yet to confirm when GTA 6 will take place or the location, it doesn’t hurt to start brainstorming the potential direction Rockstar will take. Based on the series’ trend of sticking to a present day time period, we can only assume that that will continue to be the case.

What features will we see?

Sticking to the aspect of reality, we can anticipate more vehicles that provide some sort of utility. Sure, we have fire trucks and bulldozers with some level of functionality, but we can anticipate an even greater array of cars and trucks with utility. It’s only a matter of time before we have expandable ladders and cherry-pickers on the back of utility trucks. Garbage trucks will include side-arms that can scoop up pedestrians and dump them into the rear compactor, spewing blood and guts everywhere. What about finally utilizing the trunks of cars to store bodies or weapons? These are all things that we may see in the next Grand Theft Auto. With that said, let’s look at some concepts.


A red sportscar

Red sportscar.

Supercars are the lifeblood of Grand Theft Auto, so we can expect no shortage of high-octane cars to fulfill our speed-demon desires. With modding cars likely being in GTA 6, we can only anticipate even greater capabilities, such as nitrous oxide and other intricate details that racing enthusiasts love.

Abnormal Cars

Everyone’s favorite lovable superhero Impotent Rage could have his own car in Grand Theft Auto some day, but let’s think about non-normal cars in general. The vehicles we have in current games are all fictional creations based on actual cars, but what about those that are completely fictional based on fictional ideas? Cars that are so absurd, only Rockstar could come up with them. Furthermore, these cars can have special abilities not available for any other vehicles, like driving up the sides of buildings or flying.


We all know we want more trucks. And with those trucks, we want to be able to do more things. Sick things like pour cement onto people and cars or a wood-chipper truck that you can dump people into. A propane-truck that allows you to drop propane tanks that cause explosions when they’re run into? What about a large vacuum truck that sucks pedestrians up? Anything to help accomplish the mission.

A bloody wood chipper

Wood chipper. Because sometimes, a gun doesn’t cut it.

Bottom Line

The common theme with all these ideas is that driving a car/vehicle is no longer about doing stunt jumps, racing or running people over, but actually having experiences with cars. Creating scenarios that don’t necessarily happen every day in real life, but have some sort of intrigue. Scenarios where it may take a little bit of work or effort to set up, but the end reward is a guilty feeling of satisfaction. That’s what we anticipate for GTA 6.

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