A 3d model of a crane lifting a car.

Special car abilities

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Imagine being able to kick the crap out of someone and lock them in the trunk of your car or take them somewhere to whack them. In Red Dead Redemption, you had the ability to hogtie an individual, pick them up and lay them across the back of your horse (or railroad tracks, for that matter). Similar in concept, a long awaited feature for the GTA series has been the ability to utilize the use of trunks of cars to store weapons or bodies. With Grand Theft Auto V, we can turn headlights on or off, hide the soft tops of convertibles, turn on police sirens on police cars and tow cars with a tow truck, but there are still a variety of vehicles that could potentially provide fun special abilities but still lack the mechanics. The list below details and expands upon a few more ideas that would be welcome if they were incorporated into the next Grand Theft Auto game.


Bring back the hydraulics. There is still a large enough of a fanbase that this would be a significant addition.


Although slow, running over pedestrians would be fun.

Firetruck ladders

Sure, you can shoot water out of the water canon, but what about utilizing a long ladder to reach high places that you otherwise, wouldn’t be able to access? This would also open up a new caliber of mission types, including adding a perspective on playing as firefighters.

3d model of a firetruck with an extended ladder.

A 3d model of a firetruck with a long ladder.

Telephone Pole trucks

Just like the firetruck, this lets your reach high places, or you can use it to hide out from police.

Better monster truck

The current monster truck is somewhat of a disappointment in my opinion. It’s great that it can run over cars, but where’s the crushing damage and carnage?

Garbage Truck

A side-loader garbage truck

The JoBuilt P.U. P00 Garbage Truck concept.

The JoBuilt P.U. P00 concept truck is an example of a vehicle with form and function. The arm reaches out and picks up <strike> people </strike> garbage cans and disposes of waste.


How about a crane that can lift cars while driving? Another example of a vehicle that can take part in a storyline somewhere.

A 3d model of a crane lifting a car.

A 3d concept model of a crane.

The idea here is that each vehicle has special traits that the others do not. What vehicles would you like to see? What special abilities would they have? Share your thoughts below.

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