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Changing Homepage Fans, In light of experiencing an interesting week,  GTAist will be making a few minor changes to the website. Namely, we will be updating the front page to reflect the core of this website, which is focusing on the next installment of Grand Theft Auto. We will continue to deliver content regarding all things GTA, however the main page of our website will look different because the main focus will be Grand Theft Auto 6. Get Involved In addition to the above changes, we are also interested in seeing what other GTA related content is out there, so if …

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President Obama plays GTA 5

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In honor of President’s Day, GTAist is revisiting an oldie but goodie video from GameSocietyPimps with the 44th President of the United States playing his favorite video game. Love the man or hate him, you can’t help but laugh at how hilarious this video is. Without further adieu, President Obama plays GTA 5 Online. “Obama speaking (29)” by Daniel Borman, courtesy of creative commons

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Welcome back to First off, thank you Rockstar for the mention in your newswire about our real life Grand Theft Auto photo series. As great as it felt seeing GTAist on there, it felt equally horrible seeing an error message and email from our hosting provider (who shall not be named) about how I jammed up their servers.  We’re currently in the process of finding premium hosting so GTAist never goes down again. Second, thank you to the GTAist community for your support, comments, criticisms and likes. It’s all of  you guys that encourage me to make this the …

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Grand Theft Auto is ready for a returning character

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If there’s one thing that the constant barrage of BuzzFeed articles about nostalgia, current remakes of 80s movies, or the forum comments across various Grand Theft Auto websites tell me, it’s that fans want to revisit the lives of previous GTA protagonists. Last we saw, Tommy overtook the Vice City crime world in the 80s, CJ finally cleared his name in the 90s, and Claude killed his former girlfriend in the early 2000s. Niko and the other GTA IV characters are still fresh in people’s memories, and the GTA V trio are still in their glory with more storyline content …

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Uncle GTAist wants you!

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Part of building a growing community is having involvement from fans of the community. GTAist is striving to be your go-to resource for all things Grand Theft Auto, so if you feel you have an amazing piece of GTA artwork to share, a Youtube video you think is awesome or an article you would like others to read, don’t forget that you can submit your work. Also, if you’re interested in collaborations of any kind, please contact us with any inquiries, questions, criticisms, or if you just want to say hello. On that note, GTAist would like to thank everyone …

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Community Spotlight: LS Confidential

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In light of GTAist’s recent post comparing Los Santos to real life, a number of comments have criticized both the real life photos taken (yeah, my fault) and the in-game Grand Theft Auto V screenshots. While I can’t vouch for my photography, I can vouch for just how amazing Grand Theft Auto V looks when you’re actually experiencing it. I was fortunate enough to get in contact with an aspiring GTA photographer Jeremy Leon, who knows both photography and composition, and looking at his work… well, see for yourself. Be sure to visit his website to see more of his work …

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Grand Theft Auto Movie Posters

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If you’ve completed Grand Theft Auto V to 100%, chances are you’re also the type of person who saw the hilarious in-game movies and TV shows that Rockstar managed to fit in (if you haven’t, shame on you… Check them out in the videos below). These little details only reinforce how much effort has been put in to truly making San Andreas come to life. Not shy on picking on Rockstar’s ideas and building on them, GTAist has created a series of realistic takes on movies within the Grand Theft Auto realm. Below are posters based on these ideas. (Be …

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Grand Theft Auto in real life

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Quick! What do you do when you live in Los Angeles (a city playing host to the latest Grand Theft Auto game), have a camera, and a few mornings/evenings of free time? If you answered “try to recreate GTA V,” you’re spot on. *No cars or hookers were harmed in the making of this post. Downtown Los Santos vs Downtown Los Angeles Building based on the Biltmore Hotel in Downtown, Los Angeles.   Tunnels in Downtown Los Angeles.   US Bank Building   Chumash, Los Santos vs Malibu, Los Angeles The Malibu Pier and Chumash Pier.   Del Perro, Los Santos vs …