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More planes and realistic damage in GTA 6

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After watching a whole series of videos of airplane crashes on youtube, one thing is clear; airplane crashes in real life are terrifying-  airplane crashes on GTA are awesome. Grand Theft Auto, being the simulator that it is provides a great playground for trying different scenarios of accidents and stunts, with the air travel genre having no exception.  Although a large fan base of virtual pilots were extremely grateful for the reintroduction of airliners in GTA V, the desire for a more in-depth piloting experience still continues to be desired. There are a few aspects of aircraft travel that could use some revisiting in the next Grand Theft Auto.

These are the things the GTA pilot community would like to see in future editions of GTA.

More airplanes

The return of the long-awaited Dodo helps patch the gap of seaplane enthusiats, but there is still a large gap for people looking to pilot larger, commercial airliners.  Planes like the DC10, or the 737 are nowhere to be found.  While you may be quick to point out there there were a few of these planes on the ground at Los Santos International, none of these had the capability to be piloted by the player.  This teasing makes us want these planes that much more.  Maybe an airplane DLC for GTA V is possible?  Whatever the case, here are a few planes we would like to see:


A three-engine DC-10 jet plane

Fly US Jet, based on the DC-10.

It seems that every other plane crash video on youtube involves a DC10, and with three engines, this might be an interesting addition to GTA.


Adios Airlines 737

An Adios Airlines 737.

A smaller version of the jumbo jet, the 737 is a popular aircraft for domestic flights, and even though it appears at Los Santos in GTA V, you can’t pilot this twin engine jet.

More military jets

The return of the Hydra from San Andreas into GTA V with the heists update is very welcome and many fans enjoy all the different fighters you see in military games. Adding more of these is a no-brainer.

Cargo Jet

A large, 8 engine cargo jet

Cargo jet from the ‘Minor Turbulence’ mission.

Only accessible during the minor turbulence mission or in one of the online missions, the cargo jet (and ability to transport vehicles) is also a fan favorite.

More realistic aircraft damage

Plane crashes are a big deal in real life, and having a complex damage system may be out of the question due to the necessity of resources for such a thing, but there are a few basic principles that hold true in the majority of the worst aviation disasters. We know that planes can explode from certain types of collisions, but the oversensitivity to damage done to the wings is a little too much. Having a wing clip a utility pole should cause damage to the wing and alter the ability to fly, rather than causing a full-on explosion and death.  Placing a sticky bomb on the tip of a wing and having it go off mid-air shouldn’t be the end of the airplane, but the start of a survival scenario in which you have to land somewhere carefully while your plane banks forcefully to the side.

The same idea applies to losing power of the engines of the plane.  Rather than have a total power outage, engines should function independently in certain circumstances also altering the ability to fly properly.  These little details make the piloting experience that much more intriguing in Grand Theft Auto.

More realistic explosions

Speaking of realistic damage, part of the fascination with crashes is the carnage left behind each wreck.  In GTA V, a plane that crash lands blows up in a little fireball and pieces of the airplane fall off intact next to the aircraft.  Citizens look on and get annoyed that you ‘parked’ in the middle of the street, but don’t care to get out of their car and instead opt to drive around if they can.

A large fireball from an airplane explosion

Airplane crash site.

On the contrary, each crash should be a spectacle both in the air and on the ground.  Cars that see the aircraft approaching should start driving erratically in an attempt to get away. Buildings should exhibit some form of damage to magnify the severity of the disaster. The airplane should burst into an enormous fireball that obliterates everything from hundreds of feet away.

What are your thoughts about airplanes and air traffic?  Are there aircrafts you would like to see?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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