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Modding cars in Grand Theft Auto 6

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With the shifting of Western culture away from ‘ricing’ your ride, extreme car modifications have fallen off the video game radar these past few years.  Although there are racing games that offer such features [like the Gran Turismo or Forza games], these are catered towards racing enthusiasts who are very particular about driving simulation, and not necessarily your everyday casual gamer looking to add stilts or flaming skulls to their cars.  A black sports car with a police light barThis leaves a void of much desired car editing functions that can’t really be fixed anywhere else.  While it’s true that Grand Theft Auto V offers a variety of great customizations and selections, many racing fans still feel that this is not enough to satiate their thirst of countless bumpers, rims and paint job combinations. In addition to adding in more and more varieties of items (besides horn patterns or tire smoke), Rockstar can benefit in the car customization genre by adding a more in-depth modification system. Below are some ideas of mechanics and features that, if Rockstar incorporated into the next GTA game, would bring in a fanbase stuck in car design purgatory.

Modding unique cars

Let’s start with the obvious-  although GTA V has an admirably vast selection of rides that you can customize, fixing up unique vehicles that you normally can’t edit provides a more satisfactory experience.  Why not make every car, aircraft and ship in the game modifiable?  An 800 horse-power taxi with dual exhausts?  Sure.  A garbage truck with hydraulics? Why not.  Every ride should have editing capabilities on many different features.


In addition to making every car editable, players should be able to morph or sculpt the different changes they make.  If you’ve ever played the Need For Speed Series, NFS Carbon contained a feature called auto sculpt in which you can adjust size settings of various modifications, bringing a truly unique and personalized auto design experience.  The video below showcases how such a feature would work.

With this feature, the possibilities are endless, producing cars with different hood shapes, bodykits, wheel shapes and sizes, interior design, bumpers, headlights, so on and so fourth.

Adding props to cars

To round off the ultimate vehicle design experience, add in the option to add different props to all automobiles.  Things like police lights that flash different colors, front bumper reinforcement bars for all vehicles, jet engines, anything to give your car just a touch more of character than all the other cars roaming the streets.  Furthermore, some of these props should possess the ability to impact different things your cars can do.

Be sure to post your thoughts on what you would like to see on different cars.

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