GTA 6 San Andreas Map

GTA V San Andreas Fan Map

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely seen this recreation of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in the HD universe all over GTA fan sites.  This map was created by yours truly, and the purpose of the design was to showcase what I imaged present day GTA V would have looked like upon initial release.  Unfortunately, fans were left somewhat disappointed when they found out that Grand Theft Auto V was only set in Los Santos and surrounding country side.  To Rockstar’s credit, given the limitations of last generation consoles, such a monstrous map was deemed ‘impossible.’

GTA V San Andreas Concept Map

Is there a possibility of a whole new San Andreas?

With the series now in full swing on current generation consoles, a world this massive is no longer out of the question.  The problem remains that building such a map is no easy task, especially considering how much effort goes into planning and creating such a large and detailed world. Whether or not Rockstar will implement such a map [let alone either Las Venturas or San Fierro] remains to be seen.  Speculation currently points to a standalone downloadable content possibly featuring either one or both of the cities [similar to The Lost and the Damned or Ballad of Gay Tony in relation to GTA IV], but to say that it’s likely to happen is a bit of a stretch. In the mean time, enjoy the potential of what could have been.

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