Much like a wine connoisseur is to wine, a GTAist is an enthusiast of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Obsessive over beating virtual hookers and running over pedestrians, the GTAists of the world are eager to get their next crack-hit of information or screenshots regarding the next installment of the most popular and controversial video game franchise in history.

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Unfortunately, Rockstar Games and [parent company] Take Two are tighter than a Rockford Hills nun when it comes to sharing information regarding their games, leaving much to the imagination of GTA enthusiasts around the globe. This creates a void-  A void that only can fill. GTAist was created to give fans a community to share their thoughts and opinions on current and future Grand Theft Auto games.

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About Dave

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Dave, the founder of

Lock up your daughters, lock up your wives… Hell, lock up your dogs while you’re at it. Not much is known about Dave other than he is the creator of, and was inspired to create this website because of his famous GTA V San Andreas concept map.

GTAist Frequently Asked Questions:

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Q. How did you make your GTA V San Andreas fan map?

A. I used a medium-sized Wacom Intuous tablet. These tablets are designed to let you draw directly into Photoshop, similar to using a pen and paper. While there is a learning curve to this type of artwork, once you get the hang of it, you can make some great work. To read more about it, check out the tools of post.