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Not much is currently known about the 6th installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but one thing is certain- After the release of a GTA title, fans are dying to know information about the next game in the series.

This page was created to separate fact from fiction and details from speculation. It’s no secret that Rockstar Games does not divulge information easily, so it’s important to keep in mind that nothing is listed as fact until it is confirmed.

GTA 6 Release Date

It’s been 4 years since the last release of a new Grand Theft Auto game, and although development is underway, there is very little chance we’ll get a leak of new information. We can only speculate that GTA 6 will come out in the next couple of years, but currently, there is no specific release date.

GTA 6 Box art concept

GTA 6 Cover Art Concept.

GTA 6 Name and Logo

Let’s start with the basics. With over $1,000,000,000 in sales in just the first 3 days (not including PC and next-gen console sales) of being released, there’s no question that the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ franchise has no plans on slowing down. Grand Theft Auto’s next title and logo will largely be based on the time period and context of the game. As such, we can only speculate and come up with concepts of the logo at the moment.

GTA 6 Time Period

A Grand Theft Auto game that takes place during a different time period isn’t a strange concept for Rockstar (think Vice City). Other games like Red Dead Redemption or L.A. Noire were also able to perfectly recreate the feeling and environment of their respective eras, so a game that takes place during a different time period isn’t out of the question. One trend that sticks out among the HD universe is the story taking place in modern times, so that is the greater likelihood of GTA’s next story. For more ideas about what Grand Theft Auto may look like during different time periods, check out Grand Theft Auto in a different time period.

GTA 6 Location

The most desired piece of information whenever there is news of a new Grand Theft Auto in the works. Where will the next game take place? Smaller version of San Andreas Map. Because Vice City is the only location that has not been given an HD makeover, many are speculating that Rockstar will finally do due diligence and help bring this iconic city back to life. There’s also hope that because of Grand Theft Auto V, we may still see an expansion to Los Santos to complete San Andreas (similar to DLCs like Liberty City Stories for GTA IV as part of the completion of V). Others believe that we’ll finally get a city we have never gotten. The midwestern United States has been neglected in the series, as have other potential countries. With a huge fan-base outside of the US, a game that takes place over shores is very possible.

GTA 6 San Andreas Map

Smaller version of San Andreas Map

Be sure to check out the larger view of the GTA 6 San Andreas concept map.

Is there potential of a larger world map?

One map that fans have been longing for that hasn’t been possible yet is the creation of a USA-based map. Included in this would not only be the state of San Andreas (Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro), North Yankton, Liberty City, and Vice City, but new cities to fill the country-side between cities. One GTA fan by the name of Sengin took it upon himself to create such a vision. Be sure to check out his Youtube Channel for other GTA-related content.

World Map of the GTA Universe

Sengin’s concept map of a GTA universe.

Las Venturas as a DLC Map

Created by Dave (myself), this screenshot is just a visualization of the potential GTA V has featuring Las Venturas.
Las Venturas Entry

A car entering Las Venturas.

Imagine Rockstar releasing a DLC in which you drive through a large desert, full of side missions if you so choose, and progressing through a story mode in which you have to integrate into Las Venturas. As you approach the skyline of this new city, you see a familiar sight. Welcome to Las Venturas.

What about a mid-western United States visit?

Another area that could be considered is the addition of Carcer City (Detroit, MI in real life). The following concept map examines that possibility.

GTA 6 map

GTA 6 Map

GTA 6 Story Line

We likely won’t know anything about the story line until Rockstar drops some sort of hint via trailer, website or teaser. This will be largely dependent on the location, as the Housers were quoted as saying that their story planning begins with location first, and progresses from there.

GTA 6 Protagonist(s)

Also dependent on location, GTA’s next character (or characters) will largely be influenced by their surrounding. Some users anticipate new characters, some anticipate the return of CJ or Claude.

Others want a female protagonist. What Rockstar decides remains to be seen

GTA 6 Vehicles

We can rest assured that we’ll see rides from previous games in addition to updated models and a more extensive library. Check out some of these Grand Theft Auto concept cars and the vehicle wishlist.

GTA 6 Graphics

Graphics are a huge concern for most gamers, and although graphics don’t necessarily translate to fun factor, you can’t help but look on in admiration at a game that replicates real life… Let alone one that is as open-sandbox as the Grand Theft Auto games.

A few ambitious fans have given us great references lately that have been making rounds on the internet.

Rainy Nights

A Reddit user by the name of YOLOLOLOLO420 has posted these images on Reddit. Using GTA V on PC and a photoshop filter, he was able to create what appears to look like real life pictures.
A fan Made Screenshot of

“Rainy Nights” by YOLOLOLOLO420

Be sure to check out his other pictures through his Reddit Page.

GTA in Real Life

Not to be outdone CorridorDigital created this amazing video replicating Grand Theft Auto V’s camera and movement dynamics. The end result is a video that looks like you’re playing the game with real life graphics.

GTA 6 Gameplay

What sort of gameplay can we expect?

Although the PC modding community has quite a few features already in place, here are some ideas we hope to see in the next installment.

Play as the Police

If you haven’t heard of LSPDFR, it’s a mod that allows you to play as a police officer and do even simple things, like pull people over for minor traffic violations, run license plates against a criminal database and arrest suspects. There is a large community that already enjoys police simulation, so we can only anticipate that Rockstar has noticed this community involvement. It’s only a matter of time before it returns as a feature of Grand Theft Auto (since Vice City).

Check out the video below from Youtube user SpeirsTheAmazingHD.

GTA 6 Wishlist

There’s no shortage of features that a game as open-sandboxed as Grand Theft Auto could have. Below are some features that we’d like to see.

The following list is courtesy of GTA fan “Mike” in no particular order.

  • Have your own driver that you can hire to drive you around in one of your cars. (Has same function as a cab driver).
  • Home interior and exterior customization.
  • A zoo.
  • A drug dealing system similar to GTA China Town Wars.
  • Jetpack.
  • Pets for online mode.
  • Dating.
  • Metal detectors that disarm you, similar to Vice City.
  • Purchase homes and commercial properties.
  • Online stocks
  • Gambling
  • Create drug business from commercial properties (resulting in more revenue but also a chance of police raids).
  • Stay/save at hotels.
  • Own a hotel.
  • Own yachts.
  • A time-shift mode similar to Driver: Parallel Lines. Allows you to travel back in time and play the same city, but during a different time period.
  • All buildings enterable.
  • Dynamic map destruction.
  • Police on patrol, and random firefights.
  • Enhanced police AI with 5 stars resulting in the use of riot shield squads and K9 units.
  • 6 stars result in the dispatch of the military.
  • Paintball guns that can stain people’s cars and clothes online for ultimate trolling. You would need to do laundry or go to a car wash to wash the stains off.

Be sure to keep an eye out for updates and elaborations to this article. Also, feel free to contact GTAist or submit your ideas or thoughts.